Tackling Stressful Situations
December 6, 2022
Laura Lee

It might have been difficult for some of you to rationalize in stressful or high-pressure situations. It tends to get difficult because you feel all sorts of emotions and feel the need to react at that moment. Guess what, it is not important for you to take any important decisions in such a state. You must have heard people say that it’s better not to take a decision when you are feeling extremely upset or angry. It is not easy to do so but it’s a process and we are here to guide you through this process. 

If you are stuck in a stressful situation, you need to understand you are not the only one experiencing a burst of emotion. Secondly, it is advised that you don’t jump into problem-solving mode instantly. You need to process what has happened, even if that requires you to think about the situation irrationally. Thirdly, after you feel that you have exhausted your brain into overthinking, you turn to a friend or a confidante. That will help you see things from a neutral perspective because we tend to get too worked up with our emotions and fail to think clearly. After that, we need to take the ropes into our hands and understand the situation and why it occurs in the first place.

In order to reach an unbiased conclusion, you need to be able to accept your shortcomings and not criticize yourself. Criticizing ourselves will just lead us into a spiral and we will never be able to understand the situation. Once we have been successful in observing the situation or matter from a third and neutral perspective, we need to make amends. Making amends can mean realizing where we went wrong and not repeating the same mistakes again or apologizing to anyone who we may have wronged due to our actions. The main purpose of this process is to encourage self-growth and being positive about life continuously. 

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