Take Some Time Away
January 29, 2020
Claire Miles

Sometimes, we need to take some time away from people to appreciate them more. Whether with a romantic partner, friends, family members, or roommates, it doesn’t matter. Spending some time away from people can always be a good thing, and as we reflect on the relationship, understand what the next step is.

Spending too much time with a person can lead to a great deal of resentment towards them. We can’t expect one person to fulfill all of our social needs. At the end of the day, we, as humans, are social animals. We are designed to live in packs and villages and have extended social networks.

Spending too much time with one person leads to codependency. We rely too much on one person until the relationship becomes toxic. Being around the same person for too much time is a sure recipe for eventual unhealthy habits and behaviors.

However, some people, like myself, don’t wish to have a large group of people surrounding me at all times. I am comfortable and happy with a few friends and don’t feel the urge to make new ones. Sometimes, when I feel backed into the corner and in need of some space, I take some time away.

It is important to understand that this is not a personal attack, but rather an important and beneficial experience to go through. While taking this time away, it is important to reflect and look back on your life and relationships. Take this time to focus on yourself – grow and evolve.

Our feelings are very complicated, but they exist for a reason. Listen to yourself.

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