Takes Me Back In Time
August 31, 2020
Claire Miles

Almost exactly one year ago, I started working at a new job. It was a long and difficult journey. I didn’t find my place there, and I thought of quitting multiple times. Over time, I slowly found myself in my department, but still, the kind of job I practiced wasn’t easy for me. However, with time, my skills improved, and although it was still rough, it was a bit better. However, yesterday, after things seemed to be going well for quite some time, something brought me right back to my beginning.

via Pexels

My job requires costumers service. Usually, it is not a problem what so ever. However, sometimes there are those rare occasions of rude people, and these crossings can shake my whole mood and day. Lately, I haven’t encountered such people, and I thought that as a result of the improvement in my skills, I might won’t have to. But, as I mentioned, yesterday, it happened. Yesterday, I had a conversation with a dissatisfied customer who took out all of his anger and frustration at me, while all I wanted was to help him and by no means meant to hurt him. In a second, my day became gloomy and sad, and although it wasn’t against me, I sure took it like that.

The thing is that after a lot of hesitation, I decided to stay in my workplace. As I mentioned before, I thought about quitting many times, but eventually, I decided to stay there. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I felt at peace with my decision because I do love the people I work with, and I felt more comfortable with my skill. But this accident took me back to my starting point – it reminded me of everything that I hate about my job. I am starting a new year now, and hopefully, it will go by smoothly and fast. Here’s to that.

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