Taking Me Down With You
July 29, 2020
Jade Kerr

I think we can both agree that during our time together, you were going through a difficult time. You were always moody, upset, angry, frustrated. Coming home from work, you would always find something snarky or offensive to tell me or a reason to yell at me. It felt like it wasn’t enough that you went through a hard time – you had to make me go through it too. Why did you have to do that? Bring me down with you?

Getty Images/ Jeanette Martin

The thing is, I tried to help you through that tough time. I was there for you whenever you needed me, supported you with whatever crazy, whimsy choice you made. And it was difficult, believe me. Not only did you treat me badly, but you also failed to see your unfortunate state. You completely denied the situation you were in and the way you treated me. I wanted so desperately to help you. I made your problems my own, and I believed that I could help you fix it, fix you. But you were unwilling, continuing with your awful behavior, having more and more issues that I had to deal with for you. I stood by you, but you treated me like I was nothing.

But worse than your behavior was my acceptance of it. You treated me in an awful way when all I tried to do was help you, and I stayed. I put up with your behavior because I believed I could help and fix you, but you didn’t want my help. You didn’t communicate with me, was barely at home – you became someone I didn’t recognize. You used me, plain and simple. Used my want and need to help you, used my love for you, used my good intentions. You left as soon as you could, not even recognizing everything I have done for you. I hope that at least now, you can take care of yourself.

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