Taking Some Time Off
October 18, 2020
Laura Lee

Being stuck in a routine can be exhausting and draining. See, even when things are stable in the world, juggling between the many tasks you need to accomplish daily – in both the professional and personal levels – creates more stress than you’d probably care to take on. And, when adding the pandemic and its impact on so many aspects of our lives, from physical health to financial stability, everything can feel overwhelming and take a serious toll on your mental health. That is why it is so important to give yourself a break occasionally. And, after commemorating World’s Mental Health Day on Oct. 10, it’s just the time to consider just how often you should take a day to recharge and destress.

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According to a U.K. survey, to avoid burnout from work or other daily stressors, you need a vacation – or at least a day off – every 62 days. Otherwise, you increase your chances of growing anxious, aggressive, or physically ill. Taking time off is crucial in maintaining and prioritizing your mental health. “Mental health breaks by definition imply that for workers to be more productive, mind-body health needs to be maintained. To assure productivity, the human body needs to be refueled both physically and mentally,” Kevin Chapman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, told Travel and Leisure in 2019.

From personal experience, I can say I have been through it recently. My workplace is a very stressful environment – things constantly shift and change, and there is a significant workload. In my first year there, I was close to my breaking point many times. It was all so new for me, and I felt like I can’t handle it. I worked non-stop and barely took days off – I felt like I am going to burn out at every second. Towards the end of that year, I learned a little bit more about the system and felt more comfortable taking some days off, seeing how crucial it was for me to maintain my mental health. It is so important to listen to what our bodies and souls need. Please, look out for yourself and your physical and mental health, and take that crucial time off to refuel.

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