Text Message Break Up
July 9, 2019
Jade Kerr

Closure is an underrated term in the dating scene. I dated this guy for about eight months a few years back. We had fun together. We got along well, we made each other laugh, and I honestly thought everything was going well. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. In a surprising turn of events, one morning I woke up and found out he had broken up with me. In a text!

Although I felt everything was going well, I guess he wasn’t feeling the same. But that isn’t the way to do it. What happened to speaking face to face? To confessing your emotions? Even a phone call would have been better! I get the fear of the other side’s reaction, but honestly, I would have appreciated you more if you had the guts to face me.

Besides that, it’s not fair. You made up your mind and decided to end things. Me on the other hand though we were all good. I don’t see your side. And I never will because you never explained yourself to me. All you wrote in the text was: “This is not working for me anymore. Very Sorry. All the best.” Could you be more basic than this? How am I supposed to get my much-needed closure?

If that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t text him back because he blocked my number. He also blocked me on Whatsapp and every social media platform out there. Ignore me, fine, but not even giving me the possibility of expressing my feelings and respond isn’t acceptable. I guess you knew you were doing something wrong and didn’t want me to criticize you even more. And yet, I found a way – writing it down here and helping others that may be in the exact same situation. It’s truly therapeutic!

You can’t expect me not to care because there were no emotions in the text. I cared about you. I was in it for the long run; I thought we could last. Just because you pushed all the feelings away and acted without emotions, doesn’t mean I don’t have any. I didn’t deserve this. I invested eight months in this relationship. I developed feelings and hopes for the future. You can’t make them all go with a text. I needed more, I expected more, I deserved more.

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