Thankful For Those Who Didn’t Work Out
November 25, 2018
Jade Kerr

Although this thank you is less than conventional, I still feel the need to do it. It’s not a thank you to my amazing and supportive friends and family. It’s not to my co-workers. Nop. It’s to all of you guys that caused me so much pain, believe it or not.

It’s not every day that we stop to take the time to thank those that hurt us. But truth be told, these are the people that taught us the most valuable lessons, and helped us become better versions of ourselves.  People and experiences come into our lives for a specific reason, and they are not always mean to stay for such a long time.

Many of us have gone through terrible heartbreaks that have left us completely torn.  We’ve experienced that incredible high of being in love, and then have had it completely shattered into a million pieces.  We’ve been ghosted without any explanation.  We’ve experienced it all.

But these people seriously deserve a big thank you, for everything they’ve taught us.  Holding onto that anger and hatred won’t bring us anywhere. Understanding and forgiveness is always our best best, even if it comes with no proper justification.

We should be thankful for those who did not love us back when we get them our everything, because it taught us that no one deserves our love for nothing. Our love is precious and magical. We should be thankful for all those times we dropped everything for them, because it taught us that we should always rely only on ourselves for our happiness and satisfaction.  From this, we learned to respect ourselves and our time more, and to never change our lives and priorities to fit someone else’s.

We should we thankful for those that failed to see our beauty and that wanted others, because it teaches us that jealously is merely insecurity.  We should be thankful for the lies, because it teaches us how much it hurts, and to never do it to someone we love.

It might sound ironic, but those who caused us the most pain, are the ones that taught us the most. They taught us to take care and invest the most time, energy and love into our most important relationship, the one with ourselves.

So thank you.

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