The Best Fashion Magazines
January 2, 2023
Claire Miles

If you consider yourself a fashion enthusiast, I’m sure you are hungry for some quality fashion content. The best way to indulge in your very gripping hobby is to get a hold of some of the most exciting and innovative fashion magazines. The top names in the industry roll out some of the most engrossing features every year. Let us take you through some of the best fashion magazines you should definitely not miss out on!

Vogue is undoubtedly the most well-known fashion publication in the world. When Vogue first came out in 1892, it was a weekly newspaper that gradually evolved into a fashion publication. Conde Nast Publishers took control of it in 1909 and shifted its attention to women. Despite being unisexual, it started to grow and eventually covered many articles for women. When Anna Wintour took charge in 1988, Vogue cemented its name in the industry even more. It still sets trends in the fashion industry and features some of the top designers and celebrities in the industry.

A close-up on the two Vogue magazine 'Victoria and David Beckham' French covers for the latest issue of the magazine which are displayed for sale on December 2, 2013 in Paris, France.

Getty Images / FilmMagic / Marc Piasecki

Cosmopolitan, also referred to as “Cosmo,” maintains true to its name by consistently publishing content that is focused on women. Cosmo is genuinely multinational with 64 international editions published in over 30 countries. In 1886, it began as a family journal, and by the 1960s, it had gradually changed into a lifestyle publication. When Helen Gurley took over the magazine in 1965, it underwent a makeover and began publishing ground-breaking articles about feminism, especially after the second wave of feminism started gaining traction in the US.

The sole focus of the French publication Elle since its founding in 1945 has been women’s fashion. Its English equivalent is “she” or “her.” After a few years of publication, it began a campaign with the catchphrase “If she reads, she reads Elle,” which gained traction and gradually grew the publication into the behemoth it is today. With its roots in the United States, Elle is now published in over 40 nations and focuses on fashion and all other intriguing female-oriented topics. it’s surely one of the leading names in haute couture.

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