The Best Self-Help Books to Read This Year
December 3, 2022
Claire Miles

Navigating life can be challenging. The topsy-turvy nature, coupled with numerous ups and downs, can bring anyone to rock bottom. Everyone needs a little guidance, and the right tips and tricks can help you achieve life’s great pleasures and reach new heights. Whether you want to be a little happier, be more motivated, or need to put your focus in the right places, there’s a book to help you do that. Here are the top 3 self-help books you need to add to your TBR!

“Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life” is Irish author Roxie Nafousi’s newest entry into the fore of self-help books. A wildly popular book on Instagram, it appears on numerous users’ feeds and stories. It’s about finding the power in yourself to attract the things you desire with the help of 7 fundamental steps, which include overcoming doubts, turning envy into inspiration, and trusting the process. This concise read is a pocket-sized guide to your life, teaching you how to be resilient and tackle your emotions effectively. “The Comfort Book” by Matt Haig is a book about survival, hope, and the messiness that life entails. This book aptly describes being alive as a wondrous miracle and contains suggestions on how to make the good days better with stories of lessons learned in one’s worst times.

This book will help you make sense of the things that puzzle you and encourage you to treat yourself with care. This collection will surely give you hope in an otherwise dark world. “Stop Overthinking”, a self-development book by Nick Trenton describes overthinking as the leading cause of unhappiness among people. Indeed most of us can relate to jumping to conclusions because of overthinking. This book will help you escape the never-ending loop of overthinking through 23 techniques, starting from decluttering your thoughts. With a conversational tone, this book is easy to read and understands what you’ve been through. The quality of being relatable will help you recognize stress and anxiety and how to break free from the shackles of these issues.

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