The Best Wellness Retreats
June 6, 2018
Laura Lee

Summer is here! The season of rest and relaxation. Months of nothing but sun and sand.  If you’ve been working hard all year along, and are in need of some serious stress relief, then we’ve got you covered, with many dream suggestions of wellness retreats.

No offense at all to your group of best friends or your partner, but the absolute best thing you can do for your well-being is to disconnect for a few days and really try to understand what’s stressing you out. By going alone you won’t have to make any compromises or sacrifice, you do you, no apologies needed.

We highly recommended hitting up St. Lucia for the dream solo vacation. It’s the perfect combination of tropical islands and mountainous views that will leave you speechless.  Upon booking, you’ll be given a personalized schedule with fitness classes, spa treatments, water sports, and social events. This retreat focuses on both physical activities as well as relaxation. Your endorphins are sure to be boosted, and your stress is bound to be released.

It’s not always easy to be in the present, with so many things constantly going on, work obligations, social events and bills to pay.  If you’ve been having trouble focusing lately, sound like you need to pay a visit to The Beach Club of 1 South Beach, it’s new and is the ideal spot to find your zen. It’s full of relaxing activities such as yoga classes, cabanas designed especially for napping. Oh, and did we mention they’ve got a 600-foot private beach?

If you still haven’t found your perfect spot, then maybe we’ve got you this time. One of the best parts of a vacation is of course not having to cook or clean, or even think about making food.  That’s why The Surf Lodge in Montauk has decided to work together with the creator of the health-minded food service Food Matters NYC to offer only the most delicious, healthy and stress-reducing foods. The menu has got some seriously decadent dishes such a chocolate banana chia pudding.

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