The Capsule Wardrobe Trend
November 9, 2021
Penelope Trent

The concept of the ‘capsule wardrobe’ appeared as early as the 1940s and was popularised by Donna Karan in 1985. For those of you who are wondering, it’s a pretty simple concept. The idea is to minimize the number of articles of clothing and keep your wardrobe ‘small and compact’ (like a capsule). These items will usually be versatile and interchangeable, and often pieces that don’t go out of style. Why have a capsule wardrobe? Well, have you ever thrown your arms in despair about not having anything to wear? By having fewer items, the stress of making a decision is lifted; since the items have been carefully selected to mix and match, and dress up or down, so you will always have an outfit for every occasion. By investing in good quality clothing that lasts longer, it is also a more sustainable way of living.

What’s that you say? Where to start? Well, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks to help build your own capsule wardrobe. A good place to start is by taking stock of your current wardrobe. Thoroughly go through every item carefully; sort out what you love and regularly wear from what you never touch. It’s also a good idea to assess the kind of lifestyle you live, as this will heavily impact the type of clothing you will need.
While the number of items varies, we recommend between 25-40 items, including clothing, shoes and accessories. First pick 1 or 2 colors that will be the base and set the tone of your clothes. Neutral colors such as black, grey, navy, white, brown and cream are a good place to start, and then add one or two accent colors that compliment your skin tone.

Choose essential items that never go out of style, such as a little black dress, a plain button-down shirt or some well-fitted pants. One or two statement pieces will help keep your wardrobe alive; think patterns like polka dots, flowers and stripes. Keep shoes to a minimum, with a good pair of casual shoes and some nude pairs, while seasonal items such as a pair of boots and a pair of sandals will also go a long way. A few accessories like one or 2 handbags or a big necklace can add an extra oomph to your outfit, and you’re good to go!

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