The Click
September 24, 2019
Jade Kerr

People always say that “when it’s time, you’ll know.” That cliché line has followed me for many years. It always seemed weird to me, and I found it very annoying. What is it that I’m supposed to feel? How will I know when I’m feeling it? I had more questions than answers. I was convinced that there is no such thing.

As a result, I lived most of my life normally. Whenever I made a choice, whether romantic or professional, I never felt that I was fully “right.” I never felt like I had everything together or like everything made perfect sense. However, despite all my doubts and concerns, somewhere along the line –  it happened.

When I met my now-fiancé, everything felt right. The click was there. I felt like all that happened before never existed. I felt that I wasted my time in the past chasing the wrong things. Like everything I believed was true about the dating world was false. I realized that my life had the potential to be good if I just let it. I was holding myself back from happiness.

The truth is that when it’s right, you will know it. At that moment, you will feel yourself giving in. You will feel more relaxed, happy, comfortable, and at peace. And while you know it might fall apart in seconds, you will feel at complete bliss. You’ll understand why it didn’t work out with the people who came before and will be able to track your past mistakes.

When it’ll be right, without any doubt and deep in our hearts, we’ll know.

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