The Fashion Rules of the British Royal Family
March 15, 2023
Claire Miles

Being a member of the British Royal family is certainly an extremely daunting and high-pressure situation. The British Royals are constantly in the public eye and also need to attempt to keep the monarchy relevant and beloved by the public. A small misstep, especially a fashion mistake, can have major repercussions both within and outside the Royal family. Hence, there are certain fashion rules and etiquettes which need to be followed by the Royals. Some of these traditions have lasted centuries, while some have been tweaked to suit modern needs and counter recent complications. These rules are a way of distinguishing the royal family from others. Although being a royal may seem fun on the surface, the position comes with a lot of restrictions.

Getty Images/Europe/ Comic Relief / Contributor

Members of the royal family have to keep a black dress with themselves at all times while traveling in the event of a family member’s passing while they are away. This rule stems from the time when Queen Elizabeth II’s father passed away while she was abroad with Prince Phillip and had to return to England immediately. She had no black dress with her and a black outfit had to be brought to the plane for the new Queen to change into before she could step out of the plane, as a sign of mourning and respect for her deceased father.

Interestingly, the Queen also always wears a hat in public, as it is an ancient rule that women should always cover their hair in public. The Queen also always wears bright colors in order to stand out and be distinguished from the crowd. Royals are also not allowed to wear bright coloured nail polish. They always prefer nude shades. Also, pantyhose are a must under skirts and dresses. The young boys of the royal family have to wear shorts as only grown men are allowed to wear trousers.

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