The Fashions of Princess Diana
January 27, 2023
Laura Lee

Even posthumously, Lady Diana’s impact on the fashion world is one which cannot be ignored. Each one of her dresses has a story of its own and is a pop culture moment, like her white fairy tale wedding dress, an illusion which was soon shattered by her sleek black revenge dress. Donning designers like Versace, David and Emmanuel, and Catherine Walker, there are many who still channel her spirit through their fashion choices. She was undoubtedly the indisputable figure of high end haute couture and classy fashion statements which stand out on their own.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/ Handout / Handout

It is interesting to notice her fashion journey from a teenaged kindergarten teaching assistant to the princess of Wales and one of the most admired and fashionable women in history, to a divorced royal who had attained an unprecedented level of media attention and a fashion superpower. She decided the styles and the fashion sense of the time period, while submitting to the fashion rules and regulation of the specific decades and the royal family. She stylised the broad shouldered suits and dresses of the 80s while playing by the royal fashion book, keeping the length of the skirts below the knees and not showing bare legs in public. By the 90s, she had donned her sleek black revenge dress, a slip Dior dress to the Met Gala, oversized sweatshirts and extremely tight and short shorts, and numerous off the shoulder and above the knee dresses, she had truly evolved and revolutionized herself and the fashion scene of the 90s.

Whether as a royal or after the divorce, Lady Diana specialized in show stopping, bold statement making gowns, embodying the spirit of a princess in a fairy tale even when her life was privately and soon, publicly, far away from it. From patterned sweaters to chic risky slip gowns, Lady Diana personified her personal growth and evolution through the fashions of the century.

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