The Friends We Don’t See As Much As We’d Like
April 3, 2020
Claire Miles

We all have these friends. The friends we wish we could have seen more but don’t for various reasons. The type of friends that even if we haven’t seen them in a while when we finally do, it feels as if no time has passed. This is a shout out to them.

The friends from our childhood, from our high-school days, our college friends that shaped us. It’s the friends that have always been there for us – in our highs and lows; in the slow mornings, hasty nights, and all the moments in between.

These are the kind of friends that even though we haven’t seen in a while, we still always love them. The friends we met before life got too “busy” for all of us. The ones that even though we don’t text with daily, if we get on the phone with them or finally do text them, it can last hours.

It’s the friends we don’t see every weekend, but when we finally do, it’s the best outings we ever had. The friends we can tell everything to, and trust full-heartedly they’ll support and except us. These are the friends that know you and love you for who you are, and are always excited to hear from you and about your experiences.

These are the friends that understand that even though life gets chaotic and we don’t see them as much as we wish to, that doesn’t mean we love or think about them less. They understand your chaos, and you understand theirs, so on the rare occasions you can make time for each other, nothing is more important.

These are the friendships we hold dear to our hearts, that remind us of the life we had before it got chaotic. These are the kind of people we want to carry along with us on this journey, still.

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