The Friends We Wish We Saw More
November 9, 2019
Claire Miles

You know those friends that you don’t see all the time, but then when you do, it’s as though you never went a day without each other? Those childhood friends, from our dorky and quirky high school days. 

Those college roommates, who watched us experience our first everything and were there by our side through the craziest, laziest and most regretful, yet memorable of times. 

Those friends that were around before we all got so busy. Those friends that we wish we saw more often, but nonetheless, we still love them to pieces and are always thinking of them, leaving a huge place in our hearts for them, no matter how much time has passed, or distance there is between us. 

Those friends that we don’t text every day, but when we speak on the phone or sit for a coffee, we never want to hang up or get the check, loosing track of time and responsibilities, feeling as though nothing else matters other than being in the moment, together. 

Those friends that can finish our sentences without thinking twice, and that always want to know more and more about how you’re feeling, and why. Those friends that understand that life gets hectic, and that just know that your love and appreciation for them will always remain. 

Those are the friendships we need to hold onto tightly and cherish forever. 

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