The Ghosting Society
July 13, 2019
Alexandra Wade

We’ve all heard about ghosting in dating, maybe even unfortunately experienced it ourselves first hand. It sucks, it’s rude, disrespectful and just straight up hurts. It’s as though we never had anything with this person, never met, never interacted, and that connection that we thought was so real apparently meant nothing to them.

They could care less – and that’s exactly why they decided that it wasn’t worth the second of their time to just answer you back and send you a message – even if it’s harsh. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but it hurts more to never know what went on, and to be left there in the dust feeling as though you were so incredibly insignificant. Maybe they don’t know how to nicely say thank you, but no thank you, but it’s still not a good excuse to leave someone without any kind of closure.

What we don’t talk about however, is that ghosting has become a popular and common part of our society, both in and out of the dating world. People have somehow convinced themselves that it’s normal and acceptable to behave in such a way.

When we send out a resume to a potential job, or even make the effort to come in for an interview, in many cases, the company will just not answer us back if they aren’t trying to hire us. Fair enough that there are many candidates, but show some respect and appreciation for the person that spent their time to show interest in working together. Show some respect for the person that put themselves out there and took that risk.

This trend has found its way to virtually every other field in life, where people nowadays just don’t feel the need to respond, and it’s not a way of life. We need to think of the person on the other end, and treat other’s how we want to be treated, like our mothers taught us in our early years.

Everyone knows that everyone is always on their phone, always on their computers, and always available. Stop playing games and start thinking about how your actions effect others.

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