The Growing Fitness Industry
July 11, 2023
Claire Miles

The fitness industry has produced some impressive figures in terms of growth which clearly indicates that the industry is booming. From fitness trackers to gym memberships to fitness and athletic apparel, the fitness industry is an ever expanding landscape and was labeled as one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world in 2019. There are many reasons why the fitness industry is growing as rapidly as it is. These reasons clearly indicate that the growth is healthy and appears permanent and consistent.

1. Innovations – with the rise in fitness technology like wearable fitness techs, like fitbit and apple watches, fitness apps, smart athletic clothing, personal coaching aided by artificial intelligence, and highly specified gym machines designed for working out at home like treadmills, changes in technology have certainly impacted the fitness industry.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Kilito Chan

2. At Home Workouts – Especially during the lockdown of the Covid – 19 pandemic alongside the time constraints faced by the young active generation, at home workouts are on the rise. Millennials are said to be the most active generation committed to eating healthy and staying active hence, live streamed personalized classes, exercise routines by youtubers, fitness apps, and even mirrors which allow the user to follow an instructor by standing in front of a mirror, has facilitated at home workouts.

3. Rise of lifestyle related illnesses – with the rise of technology, people have had to move less and less, which has led to an increase in obesity rates and obesity related illnesses, which warrant a permanent lifestyle change. Such diseases are also preventative so most people are becoming more and more health conscious and choosing to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

4. The Influence of Social Media – Many brands are partnering up with fitness influencers and many celebrities have become the face of many fitness companies. The #fitness has millions of posts on Instagram, so social media has certainly imposed a lifestyle shift.

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