The Imperfective Is Perfect
July 8, 2019
Laura Lee

None of us really know what perfect is, or even what is means to us on a personal level. We also don’t know what it means to others. We may think we know based on a picture we’ve seen, but we don’t really know. We don’t know anything at all. 

All we truly know about the word perfect is that there are certain societal beliefs that people have taken as its meaning, and considered it to be the solid definition of the term. We’ve convinced ourselves that this is what it is, and all that it can be. 

This idea of perfect has us all believing that it’s the things we would be incomplete without having, and that our lives can only really be happy and truly start when we have all of these things. We spend so much of our precious time trying to achieve these ideas in order to provide ourselves with a sense of satisfaction and purpose in this crazy, confusing world.

Sometimes, however, we confuse perfection with happiness. That’s what we all really want anyway. We all need to take a deep breathe and stop always trying to climb that ladder, and just allow ourselves to be where we are at this very moment.

What real happiness and perfection is when you can realize that things are best off left as they are, imperfections and all.  It’s a mindset, an attitude, that will let you see the light in everything and allow it to shine in.

So stop waiting for ‘perfect’.  There’s no such thing anyway. Or at least the kind of perfect we’ve been taught to believe. Be whole with you, your life, and all of it’s perfect imperfections.

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