The Importance of a Good Skincare Routine
June 26, 2022
Jade Kerr

Everyone wants the perfect clean soft skin that you get right after a facial, but how do you achieve that? For the perfect body, you go to the gym. For the perfect mind, you meditate or practice yoga. For the perfect skin, you work on a proper skincare routine. You might have a skincare routine already but as it turns out, you might be doing more harm than good. Don’t panic about your skin and start using too many products. Layers of products can aggressively attack the pores of the skin and clog them.

Using a cleanser is not enough. You need to use the right cleanser. For oily skin, pick out a salicylic get, and for dry skin, pick out a milky cleanser from the shelf. Also, moisturizing every day is not enough. You should moisturize at least twice, once at night, and when picking out your moisturizers or any other product for that matter, choose one that has a hydrating formula. Just like how the body needs water, the skin needs to stay hydrated at all times. Avoid direct heat exposure. That doesn’t just mean avoiding the sun. It means keeping your distance at bonfires when you go camping and staying at least a few meters away from the heater in the winter.

Getty Images/Westend61

To have the skin you dream of, you are also going to have to start watching your diet. Flax seeds and walnuts can work wonders for your skin and if you can manage to do so, then chug a shot of chlorophyll every morning to make sure your skin stays oxygenated. You can even find chlorophyll supplements at your local drug store if you do not want to down a shot of it. Also, clean your makeup brushes regularly and avoid touching your face too much. Don’t worry! Showing a bit of responsibility will definitely make your skin glow in no time.

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