The Importance of Love
July 17, 2022
Alexandra Wade

Love is a very integral part of our lives and is perfectly capable of shaping our entire lives. Humans tend to rely on relationships to live a happy life, and love forms the basis of almost all meaningful relationships that human beings have. The relationship between parents and their children, one between friends, lovers, all these important relationships have one thing in common which is love.

We often tend to undermine the importance of love in our lives, and most of the time we think of it only in terms of romantic love. However, it is important to realize that human beings are surrounded by various kinds of love, and this emotion dictates a lot of our actions. Love is a very important part of our lives, and makes us who we are. When you love someone, that is when for the first time you keep someone above yourself and begin to think selflessly. This emotion helps individuals to grow and become the best version of themselves not only for their own self but for someone else’s happiness. It motivates us to do better, as we want to make those who we love happy and proud of us.

Getty Images/Westend61

For many people love is what keeps them going on their worst days. When you are having a bad day or when you feel depressed, talking to a loved one always makes it better. Whenever someone feels hopeless about their future it is the love of those around them which motivates them to continue trying. Love is an essential component of life, and remains a part of it throughout. It comes and goes in various forms and shapes, and transforms our lives. It is hard to give one specific definition to it, as it continues to modify itself according to the different stages of our lives.

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