The Journey to Finding Yourself
June 25, 2022
Alexandra Wade

Being too busy trying to find out more about other people, you often forget to discover yourself. There may be so much more to you than what you have let others know or even know yourself, but very few people try to explore their souls, personalities, and even their purpose. Sometimes it is a good idea to sit back in isolation, take a deep breath, and just think about life and how it has been for you. Think about how you have spent your life thus far and how you want to change it in the future. Think about your goals or ambitions. You hear companies make their Mission and Vision statements, but really everybody needs to find their personal mission and their personal vision.

Thinking of your personal mission and vision is much more difficult than you think. It is defining a path for yourself and then deciding to do everything you can to move forward on your chosen path till you reach your destination which would be when you achieve your mission. Then you look for growth and greater ambitions to strive toward your vision.
Something that can greatly help you on your path is what they call your personal ERRC model. Once you have sat down, cleared your mind, and thought over your personal goals in life, you need to start exploring your personality.

Getty Images/Westend61

Think about how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Then think about how these perceptions play in your journey toward achieving your ambitions. There are going to be some things you want to Eliminate from your personality; some things you want to Reduce; some things you want to Raise and make a bigger part of yourself; and some things that you want to create in yourself. Once you have identified these, you can start working on them and begin your journey to happiness.

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