The Little Things That Count
May 26, 2019
Alexandra Wade

When it comes to your soul mate, your forever person, your one and only, there are some small, simple, mundane things that mean the world. While they may seem insignificant, your person should always make sure to put in the effort to do these for you everyday.

Your forever person should always be sending you text messages, especially when you aren’t together. It’s a fast, easy way to show someone how loved they are, and that they are always on your mind, no matter what you’re doing. It could make or break one’s day.

Your forever person should always go the extra mile to take part in your conversations, to really invest themselves into it, to ask you questions, and not drift off even if you’ve been going on and on for an hour.

Your forever person should let you chose the music sometimes while the two of you are enjoying a car ride together, or at least music that you can both appreciate. It gives off the message that you matter and are always being taken into consideration.

Your forever person should always compliment you to no end, and never act as though the chase is over. They should always remind you how beautiful you are and how appreciate you are.

Your forever person should always let you know in advance when they’ve made plans for the two of you, and when they bring you to an event, they should always make the effort to make you feel comfortable and to introduce you.

Your forever should try to impress you here and there with their appearance. They don’t have to get too fancy, but it’s always nice to wear something you bought them or to surprise you by putting something special on.

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