The Magical Things That Happen When You’re In The Right Relationship
July 29, 2018
Jade Kerr

If we find ourselves in the wrong relationship, it’s likely that we will never know. That is, of course, until we find the right one.  Love is wild. You think you know what it is, until you meet someone who completely redefines the entire meaning for you.  You learn that it was so, so worth waiting for, and a whole lot of other important life lessons along the way too.

For one, although commitment does of course require effort, it feels so effortless when you are with the right person. Being together feels so incredibly natural, and it just seems inevitable to be together, like you were born to be together, and there is nothing else you could possibly see yourself doing.

After you argue with your Mr. Right, it only brings you closer together and just ensures you that you want to continue to always make your relationship work, no matter what.  Every couple fights, the real question is what you come out of it with.

And if you’ve really found your happily ever after, and they really make you feel loved from head to toe, then you are likely to regain confidence in everything. Every part of your life starts to get better.  When you’re with the right person, comfort becomes even better than passion. It’s that feeling that you could spend every day together for the rest of your life. That’s truly invaluable.

In the right relationship, you will feel safe, and may even heal your childhood wounds.  When you feel truly loved and safe, you can start to work through your childhood traumas. You feel less scared of the unknown.

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