The Mistakes You Make When Entering Your Home
May 17, 2020
Laura Lee

Many people worry about leaving their houses at the moment with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The basics of what to do when leaving the house are well established by now: wear a mask, put on gloves, and grab hand sanitizer. But what about when you return home after spending time outside? Well, while you might think that washing your hand and wiping your grocery will be enough, you are making a mistake. Or, to be more accurate, several mistakes. Here are the mistakes you are probably making:


A woman touching a doorknob with dirty hands bringing infection back into her home.

Getty Images/ EyeEm/ Vithun Khamsong


The first mistake you are probably making is touching your doorknob with dirty hands/ gloves. If you have no other choice but to touch the doorknob or your key, make sure to this infect it later on. Preferably, if possible, open the doorknob with your elbow. A similar mistake is touching other house items that may be infected, such as the light switch or elevator buttons. When touching these items, use a glove or a wipe to prevent bringing the infection into your house. Of course, whether with a glove or without, wash your hands as soon as you get back home.


A woman sitting with her dirty clothes on the sofa, infecting it.

Getty Images/ Westend61


Another mistake you are probably making is sitting with the dirty clothes you wore outside on your inhouse furniture. As I wrote down on my list of essential hygiene tips to follow right now, you should change your clothes when coming back home. Because, as explained there, flat surfaces and hard surfaces are more friendly to viruses than cloth or rough surfaces. Wearing the clothes inside the house for a few minutes is one thing, but sitting on your furniture wearing them is another. Wearing the clothes you just went outside with on your sofa or bed is a sure way to get them infected.


shoes left outside the house to prevent the coronavirus from entering

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Image Source


The third and final crucial mistake you are probably making is wearing your shoes indoors. Shoes are dirty by nature and tend to track grime wherever you go. Now, they could be an even bigger threat by carrying the virus into your house. That is a possibility as virus droplets can fall downward, landing on the ground, where they could then be tracked around on the soles of our shoes. Of course, this is more common in places like hospitals, but could also occur in the nearby supermarket, etc. So, make sure to both clean your shoes and leave them outside to not bring the virus inside your home. Please remain careful and safe.


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