The Moment You Said You Loved Me
December 9, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

The moment one person says to another those three magical words – “I love you” – is a moment many look forward to and crave. It is a declaration of love, and these three words hold much more meaning, sentiment, and power behind them. For me, this has always been something I was cautious with during my life. I didn’t let these three words escape my lips easily – I couldn’t give them away for just anyone. As I said, in my eyes, these words hold a lot of weight. Hearing them from your partner, from a person that fills such an important position in your life, there is nothing more exciting and heart-warming. That is why I was so surprised about my reaction when you said it to me.

via Pexels

We had a good thing going. We met through one of my co-workers, who was a close friend of yours. As I said, everything seemed to go well, smooth sailing. However, everything changed once you these three words out of your mouth. The second that you said you loved me, I didn’t feel overjoyed, but rather, I was hesitant. At that moment, I started questioning everything that we had, our relationship. I couldn’t understand it – I was supposed to be happy, this has never happened to me before. Everything didn’t seem to make sense anymore. I started seeing our relationship from a new perspective. Suddenly I saw how fast things between us developed. I started questioning my emotions – how do I feel about you, and were my feelings genuine. I started questioning your behavior and mine when I am around you. I started noticing that I wasn’t myself around you. I restrained myself to fit your vision and expectations – I held back. It was at that moment that I understood that something wasn’t right about our relationship and decided to leave you behind. If it doesn’t feel right – it is most probably isn’t.

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