The Not Engaged Instagram Trend
August 31, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Most of us can agree that all of our social media newsfeeds are filled with engagement photos, right?  Personally, I have no plans to get engaged any time soon (especially since I’m currently single anyway), but I can’t help every time after seeing those images, doubt myself and question my choice and my life.

I know that their are tons of other women out there that feel the same way, but we just don’t get to see it.  Well, now that’s starting to change, thanks to an incredibly hilarious woman named Mary McCarthy who started an Instagram account @NotEngaged.

Mary explains that after being a bridesmaid countless times and despite being happy for her friends, seeing all these engagement photos can be seriously overwhelming.

Her account is a series of photos of her ring-less left hand taken in a variety of places, on the beach, next to chocolate cake, and even next to brides.  With each image, she includes a comical caption.

Her goal is to empower those who feel insecure about being one of the only single friends left in their group, and to show that getting married isn’t everything, and is not the end game.  Mary is open to getting married, however she realizes at the same time that women as individuals also have so much to give to the world on their own too.  Finding love, she explains, will happen when the time is right.

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