The Problem With Rejection
February 19, 2021
Jade Kerr

I have written about my problematic romantic history many times in the past. If by chance, you read one of these entries, you’d probably know that I have dealt with a lot of rejection in this field. Many men rejected me for various reasons, and every time it happened was extremely painful. Now, looking back and re-visiting what had happened then, I know that I didn’t handle the situation well. At the time that all these rejections hit me, I never took the time to pay attention and process any of them. As I also mentioned before, that kept me in a never-ending loop of toxic relationships, many of which left me feeling rejected and hurt. It took a toll on me, both physically and mentally. Now, looking even further into it, I see another perspective to it all. It wasn’t that I didn’t pay attention to any of it and everything went over my head, but that all the rejection I received has prevented me from moving on.

via Pexels

I took that rejection to heart and let it affect me in every way possible. It affected my self-esteem, my confidence, my trust, and so much more. The problem with rejection, when not dealt with well, is that it breaks you. I was stuck in place, unable to move forward. I let it bring me down. Instead, I should have faced it head-on. I should have grown from the rejection, grow a thicker skin, and learn valuable lessons for the future. I should have grown stronger from it, should have gotten back up, and prepared myself to move on. I let the rejection leave me frozen and in a lot of pain. I let it get to me and affect the qualities that should have protected me and prevent me from crashing the way that I did. When faced with rejection, we should look back at exactly what had happened, learn the lessons we need to get back up stronger and wiser, and move on.

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