The Purpose of Hot Yoga
May 16, 2022
Jade Kerr

By now you should know that yoga is one of the most popular ways of working out. Yoga has in fact been around for many decades. This isn’t only because it’s a great alternative to working out. But it is also because of the great benefits it has on your physical health. If you are someone that holds lots of tension in your body, you may have thought about stretching it out a bit. The great thing is yoga can actually help you with that. Now on to hot yoga. Hot yoga is a rather new form of yoga but it has become increasingly popular amounts people.

Now you may be wondering what exactly is the purpose of hot yoga exactly. Well, you aren’t the only person wondering that. It is kind of strange if and when you think about it. Yoga already makes you hot and sweaty so why would you intentionally add a heater to the mix? Thankfully there are valid reasons for adding a heater in a yoga session. It isn’t to drain you and make you hot for no reason. There are a number of different health and overall benefits you can experience while practicing hot yoga hence why it is popular and why many people have decided to do it instead of regular yoga.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Tom Werner

Just because you aren’t getting your heart rate up, you may think that you aren’t burning any calories. Hot yoga actually allows you to burn calories. Traditional yoga helps you burn around a hundred calories depending on how much you weigh. Hot yoga can actually help you burn much more. But that’s not the only benefit to doing hot yoga. It also helps you with your bone density. You see while performing the variety of different yoga poses, you will be supporting your body weight. There are much more benefits to hot yoga that you can go ahead and explore.

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