The Pursuit of Love
June 10, 2022
Claire Miles

“The heart wants what the heart wants”, but aside from the endearing charms of an appealing face, how much can the heart’s desires justify your choice in the hunt forever-lasting love? There has long been the question of how much you should get to know someone before considering a life with them as your significant other. Spending too much time trying to get to know someone may leave you stranded in the dreadful “friend zone” but judging too early and basing your decisions on the captivating appeals of a pretty face can lead you to tie the knot with someone who is little more than beauty on the outside. So should you be friends first? Should you lead a life of endless blind dates? How should a young man or woman lead their pursuit of true love?

The 21st century has evolved the world of love to a great extent. From meeting people in bars and parties, people can now simply download an app and swipe right. Simple? Not so much. Matching with a stranger and having to show yourself as an interesting personality on your first date, hoping for a call-back for a second date only to continue to put on false appearances is something not everyone wants to do. Love in friendship sounds like the fairy tale we all wish to achieve, but If we end up having to part ways, what happens to the friendship we cherished enough to mistake for love? Does it make sense to risk a friendship as good as that for only the possibility of love?

I suppose the answer lies in the value of love, the worth of finding your safe space, the desire for the warmth and intimacy of a person you know you can trust, the endearment of a significant other, and the devotion of staying close to someone who is most clearly your weakness and the passion of your heartfelt dependence. If you want to find love, you will have to risk things. There is light only at the end of every tunnel, so if you want to find love, you must do whatever needs to be done. For after all of it, love will be worth it.

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