The Qualities That Make A Good Husband
November 4, 2018
Jade Kerr

So you want to get married and settle down? Great. But first things first, you must be sure that you know all the necessary qualities that make for a good husband. Here are some of the most important….

It’s of utter importance that he be sensitive to your feelings. Of course, not every guy is filled with sensitivity, but he doesn’t need to fully understand exactly what you’re feeling in order to validate them. Sometimes, you will make no sense whatsoever, you’ll be on your period, or pregnant, and you will be feeling all kinds of things that he will never be able to understand.

It is his job as a good husband to be there for you and show you compassion, even if he can’t relate exactly to what you’re feeling, to still never make you feel insecure about what you’re going through.

A good husband should be your teammate, not your superior, not your boss and not your superior. The two of you are equals, working together for the same shared goal. He works together with you, is by you side, and two of you know that you can take on anything and everything together. Although he might not always agree with you, he is respectful of your opinions and factors you into everything he does, as you do for him.

A good husband is open with you. It won’t always come easy, but he will make an effort to always make you apart of what’s going on in his life as much as possible.  He will want to work on things, and will always want to take part in making things better.  He will never shut you out, or let bumps along the road allow it to get in the way of your relationship. A good husband will never give up.

A good husband has his act together. He knows that you can’t be the one to fix all of his problems and be responsible for him. As a person comes, is how they will stay.  A good husband needs to be in a good place in life, to be able to commit, to be there for you.

So before you get married, make sure that your husband is ready to be everything that he should be.

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