The Queen of Spain Stuns In Afordable Fashion
June 25, 2020
Penelope Trent

As you may remember, every Thursday, I used to write a column showing the best-dressed celebs of that week. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, celebrities, just like us, were quarantined in the homes, which made it impossible for me to continue writing it. However, that does not mean that there aren’t great outfits out there worth showing. The queen of Spain, Letizia, who has been a recurring guest on my column, has proven once again that fashion is her forte. With a mask on her face, Letizia stepped outside to check on the people and the beaches in her country. Here are all the details about the queen’s stylish trip.

Getty Images/ Wireimage/ Carlos R. Alvarez

The whole world is talking about the coronavirus, and rightfully so. But, between one outburst to the other, while it’s safe and permitted, it’s nice to step outside, or, in the case of the queen of Spain, Letizia, and her husband, King Felipe, check on the well being of the Spanish people. The members of the family, including princesses Leonor and Sofia, providing a good reason to dress for a vacation, displaying another proud Spanish asset – Zara.

This is hardly the first time that Letizia has worn Zara, making items with accessible prices look like something worth hanging in a queen’s closet. However, don’t be quick to assume the dress in question is basic, not at all. This is a greenish dress with white dots, loose cut, and a V-shaped neckline, and features an interesting texture that makes it more elegant. Thanks to the exposure it received, the dress is already sold out in several areas. The queen matched her dress with shoes from another local brand – Macarena. The white shoes, which featured ballerina straps, are handmade platform shoes and are sold for €60 (about $67.) Letizia collected her hair in a high ponytail, continuing the ballerina theme of the shoes. The royal family plans to continue to visit all the Spanish islands, to bring attention and convince the world to help the country recover from the Corona’s economic damage. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

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