The Right Posture
October 25, 2022
Claire Miles

If you spend hours behind your desk at work or in your school then you need to know that in order to stay healthy You need to maintain the right posture at your desk. it might seem insignificant at a young age right probably you’re going to start realizing that you now feel liable to back pain or feel a certain ache in different parts of your body. in order to avoid this, you need to make sure that you keep the right posture even when you don’t seem to realize that you are hurting yourself.

hold on make sure your laptop is at a decent height, your keyboard is at the same height as your elbows with wrists slightly bent to stroke keys gently, your mouse is at the same height and adjacent to your keyboard, and Your eyes are level with the top one-third of the screen. your head should be back, chin tucked, and ears, shoulders, and hips aligned. Elbows should be at your side slightly more than 90 degrees bent. pick a chair that is fully adjustable with lumber, that is lower back, support. keep your chair at a level that brings your torso at a 90 degrees angle to your legs. Here I should be behind your knees and the chair should not put pressure on the back of your leg. your feet should lie flat on the ground or on a footrest.

Getty Images/Moment/wera Rodsawang

These may seem like little things and you might think that you won’t be able to make sure your posture is right all the time but once you develop the habit of setting in the right way and there is no going back. but remember even with the right posture you need to make sure you take breaks after at most 50 minutes and you should lead a healthy life throughout your career.

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