The Secret Power Of Self-Talk
October 9, 2018
Laura Lee

Are you aware that you actually talk to yourself pretty much all the time? Don’t worry about it, we all do it, and it’s actually really healthy.

Our self-talk makes a big difference in our lives, for better or for worse.  What you really need to ask yourself is what that inner voice means for you. Do you allow it to be your friend, or foe?

Our unconscious is seriously affected by the words we use, in the very same way that the words others use when talking to us does.  Therefore, the way in which we speak to ourselves can serve as a very useful tool. It’s very undermined, however is it a resource that we can use to take control of our minds and make changes in our lives. Our thoughts determine how we are going to feel and act. Those who think more positively are more confident, successful and optimistic.

Our self-talk develops over time and starts in our early childhood. We learn from our role models.  And although we grow accustomed to these inner voices that we’ve been hearing ever since we were children, they can in fact be changed. It requires an initial self awareness in order to develop a certain amount of mindfulness about it.

In order to be mindful about our inner voices, it can be helpful to write down our thoughts on a daily basis.  By becoming more conscious about the negativity you bring into your life, you can then make the effort to make changes.

Positive self-talk is something that needs to be practiced. Research has found that by talking to yourself using your first name, as though you are a third person, can help regulate emotions, as it makes you less emotionally involved and allows you to gain a wider perspective on your own life.

Invest the time every day to build positive thinking habits. Repeat positive self-talk. Develop an improved attitude and outlook on life, which will in turn help you form more healthy and successful relationships and make better decisions.

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