The Surprising Item To Fight COVID-19
June 22, 2020
Laura Lee

By now, you probably already know the best things to do to avoid both contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. Regular and thorough hand washing, wearing a mask when going outside, and social distancing are well-known methods that are proven to help manage this global health crisis. However, all these tactics are only for when you’re stepping outside. So, what about when you’re home? Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) released a recent update to their guidelines, and among a list of recommended supplies to have at home was one surprising item: no-touch trash cans.


Getty Images/ EyeEm/ Chakrapong Worathat


In a section titled “Adequate Supplies,” the CDS listed a few detailed that every individual should have at hand during this time: “Soap, water, hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol, paper towels, tissues, disinfectant wipes, cloth face coverings, and no-touch trash cans.” No-touch trash cans can range from a very simple open receptacle to the more evolved push-pedal version you can typically see in a home bathroom or kitchen. If you are going for open trash can make sure to empty it daily to eliminate a congregation of germs. And, when disposing of the garbage or handling it, make sure to use disposable gloves, as recommended by the CDC. Of course, when you’re done, make sure to wash your hands.


To be extra cautious, cleaning service The Maids recommends that you “spray trash cans with disinfectant each time.” Another cleaning tip for the trash can is wiping down the build-up inside your trash bins. After that, you can go in with a disinfectant to keep it squeaky clean. You must understand that everything goes into that trash can – infected masked, infected gloves, infected wipes. That is why you should wear gloves when handling your trash and wash hands afterward. Please remain safe and follow the regulations.


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