The Unbelievable Fashion of 2020
December 17, 2020
Penelope Trent

‘What would you never wear’ is definitely the most expected question in every fashion quiz. Looking back on the trends that took 2020’s fashion by storm, we cannot help but go back to this familiar question and re-discuss its meaning. For a year that crowned many natural answers to this question, it appears the most appropriate answer is “never say never.” So, what did we have this year? Anyone who swore that they would never leave their house wearing sweatpants had to renegotiate her past statements. For many, the sweatpants became the new uniform. Those who weren’t fond of the thick fabrics and loose cuts of the sweatpants promoted the dedication to comfort with the help of tights. From Kim Kardashian’s Biker Shorts, which dominated the spring and summer of 2020, to the long tights of the cold season – the sporty look dominated regardless of location or heart rate.

The ‘ugly’ trend laden with the “mom,” “dad,” “grandpa,” and “grandma” looks only grew stronger this year. These trends fitted like a glove to the general mood in the days of a global pandemic and continued to promote everything that at first glance (or second, some even at a thousandth glance), did not look really pretty. From ‘granny-chic’ sweater vests to orthopedic sandals (preferably with socks,) the bulky and old-fashioned became, or at least disguised as, coveted. This trend took over in all fashion fronts. For example, expensive it-bags were surpassed by cheap-looking bags in nylon versions and large bag bags that are more about enabling practical carrying less than about finesse or investment in the small details. It seems that the strongest trends of this year have adapted to the fact that most of the year, we were all at home, and comfort was at the top of our priorities. So, will the new year ahead keep this trend going, or will it bring it to an end? We’ll wait and see.

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