The Ways We Limit Love
January 3, 2019
Jade Kerr

There’s this thing about love that knows how to make us feel like it’s slowly falling apart.  All those small fights, distances and fears make us feel like our heart is breaking, one piece at a time.

They say they you can lose yourself in love, but no one talks about the fact that you can lose each other too. You can kiss without really feeling anything or connecting, and you can be alone while being physically together.  You can sit together and watch TV together and feel as though you are both in completely different places.  You can sit and wonder how you ever loved and connected to this person.

The truth is though, that we don’t actually love from our hearts, but rather from our need. We hold onto who we want them to be.  Love cannot be held, it’s like faith, either you believe in it, or you don’t.

We come and in out of each other’s lives for endless reasons, but we do not leave someone’s life due to a lack of love. Love is a connection that never breaks.

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