The Worst Kind of Breakup
January 20, 2021
Jade Kerr

My romantic past has not been easy, to put it mildly. I have been through more toxic relationships that I can count on my fingertips, and each of them left me devastated and broken. I had exes cheat on me, exes who treat me horribly, and overall extremely toxic relationships. I used to think that these kinds of breakups were the hardest. However, only recently, I realized that I was wrong. This is not the worst kind of relationship, but rather, it is one that is the result of a healthy, loving relationship.

via Pexels

When a toxic relationship comes to an end, it hurts, definitely. The anger and resentment take over and fuel you. That hurt, that anger, it helps in leaving that person behind us. The resentment helps us forget about that person that did us wrong; it helps us move on from them and let them fade into oblivion. However, when a relationship ends with great love, it makes the breakup a whole lot difficult. See, after all these years, after all these disappointing relationships, I finally landed in the perfect relationship for me. I found a guy that treats me right, someone who loves me for who I am, unconditionally.

When I imagine losing him, I am terrified. I can’t imagine the amount of hurt I would feel if our relationship was ever to end. I can’t imagine ever having to leave him behind, to try and forget about him. It hurts so much more when you have to get over a breakup with someone whom you are still in love with, someone who still holds a part of your heart. However, when you feel nothing but negative feelings towards your ex – resentment, anger, animosity – it is a lot easier to leave them behind you, to forget about them and move on from them. When you still love someone and cannot let them go – that is the worst breakup of all.

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