Things We Need To Do Again
July 11, 2019
Claire Miles

There are so many things that we don’t do anymore, that we need to start doing again. For starters, how about hand written letters? Or for that matter, writing anything by hand. Whether it be a letter to a lover, a friend, even just a grocery store list, or our to-do list for the week. Since when did everything have to become so technological? There is something so beautiful about writing things by hand.

And what about just enjoying the time when we are doing absolutely nothing? Before society convinced us all that we need to utilize every waking moment to the fullest, people did once upon a time just enjoy being and breathing. What about taking our time to think before we speak? Everything has become so fast, so instant. A real sign of maturity is to take a moment to think and answer as in depth and honestly as possible.

What about making a home cooked meal just well, because? It’s one of the most human things we can do, and can make us truly feel alive and connected with ourselves. How about getting all dressed up not for some big event or for someone else, but just because you want to feel pretty and special?

And does anyone even read books from hard copies anymore? You know the printed ones where you can even write in and make notes in, rather than reading one with your iPads. What about calling your family and loved ones just to check in and tell them how much you love them?

How about answering invitations within a timely manner and not just putting them off for weeks just because you are entitled to? Listening to music. How about that? Just putting some music on and enjoying it, without any other purpose.

Most importantly, how about talking to those around you wherever you may throughout the day? How about trying to make some real, deep connections rather than staring into the screen of your phone.

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