Think Outside The Box
September 29, 2019
Claire Miles

We, as humans, like to put everything in boxes. I believe it is a primal trait we possess to get our head straight, to organize our brain. But it’s not like modern society is doing anything to change that. Job applications, doctors’ forms, school applications, our phones – there are boxes all around us. However, we have to resist the urge to put ourselves, and others, in a box.

We are all complex creatures. It seems impossible to pin down all that we are – our hopes, dreams, traits, fears, and thoughts – into a single box. Nonetheless, it is the painful reality in our society. The world will try its best to put you in a box, and you have to do your best to resist it.

You are more than your job, appearance, where you come from, your family tree, your schooling, your political views, or your relationship. You are all of this and more.

Also, you have to do your best to prevent yourself from doing it to others. As much as we hate to admit it, we sometimes put other people in boxes ourselves. We have to stop judging people before we get to know them. We mustn’t pin people down to a box or a stereotype.

So, rise above. Don’t let society dictate anything to you about yourself or others. We have to remember that we all have so many sides to us. We are never one thing. We aren’t defined by a single characteristic. There isn’t a mold for you. Break out of the box they put you in because you are so much more than that.

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