This Trendy Bag Is Surprisingly Affordable
May 20, 2021
Penelope Trent

We admit we didn’t even bother to check from where was the bag Emily Ratajkowski was sporting in the pic below. Although the supermodel (and our biggest street-style inspiration) doesn’t shy away from brands that are also accessible to her followers and knows how to perfectly match them with the designers’ clothes that fit an it-girl at her level, when we saw the jaw-dropping look below – a backless black dress by Aya Muse, which has since run out of every possible stock but was originally sold for around $2,000 – we could only assume that the little black bag that matched it also belonged to our out of our reach wishlist.



But in true Emrata fashion, she doesn’t cease to amaze us. The day after posting the look above, Ratajkowski was spotted modeling another look, different in nature but just as – if not more – fiery. While out on a walk with her adorable baby boy, Emrata wore a tight and short white tennis dress along with a green baseball hat and the same luxurious bag – this time in bright orange. It was at this point that everything seemed a bit suspicious to us.



A little inquiry had led to the conclusion that many other fashion columns all over the world have already excitingly published: it just looks like a thousand dollars worth Bottega Veneta bag. It is, in fact, a bag by JW PEI – a cute little brand whose Instagram bio reads: “Fun. Under $100. Ship worldwide.” The hot “Gabbi” model, for example, is listed on Amazon for $69. This “Gabbi” model is also made out of synthetic leather and comes in various colors. And that’s not all. If the exact and trendy design, the comfortable price, and the brand’s perfect ambassador and supporter aren’t enough, we’ll tell you that Irina Shayk is also a supporter of the brand. Yes, another major street-style muse has been spotted sporting a black “Gabbi” bag. So, what do you think of this bag? Will you snatch one for yourself?


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