Those Who Overthink In Relationships
September 22, 2020
Jade Kerr

Relationships are already not the easiest thing for anyone. But for those who overthink everything and are always anxious? Well, relationships are a whole other ball game.  Those who overthink everything are constantly overwhelmed with confusion and self-doubt. They like to create problems where they don’t exist. Overthinking can ruin relationships, but sometimes, it just can’t be stopped. Those that overthink everything just cross their fingers and hope that they will be able to meet someone who is patient and understanding enough to accept them for who they are, despite this flaw that takes over their life. They hope to meet someone one day who will understand all of those tricks their mind plays on them, and knowing not to take it personally. 

They hope to find someone that will always care and make sure they are ok, even if their worries make no sense to others. They hope that someone will know that trust takes time and that eventually, they will be more confident in the relationship, and the anxiety will die down. They will want their partner to always give their opinion, but they always have something specific that they want to hear. They don’t know how to do it themselves, but it’s not their fault, and they can’t control it. It’s just the way they are. 

Learn to them for who they are and everything they have to offer. Love them for their struggles. Talk to them about what they are feeling, and know that they are their own worst enemy, unable to see what everyone else sees in them.  They will always be hard on themselves no matter what you say, but you’ve still got to always encourage them. They will love you back in return, so much, so unconditionally. Under all of those nerves and thoughts is a deeply loving soul.

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