Times People Were Caught Living In 3020 While We’re Stuck In The Present
November 8, 2020
Claire Miles

Let’s be honest, most of us thought the future was going to look like the Jetsons with flying cars and robot servants. While that might not be the situation right now, we have experienced some new inventions in our lifetime and we’re always waiting for the next big innovation. Some people have taken the future into their own hands and are living way ahead of the rest of us. These simple yet genius life hacks will make you realize that you should be living smarter, not harder. Check out these brilliant creators living their best life in a time way ahead of us all.


Taco Tuesday just got better.


Man holding a hard shelled taxo with sour cream over a yellow plate with another soft taco

Via Imgur


We’ve all experienced the frustrating moment when your taco fillings fell out of the shell. Then you have to get a fork and eat the rest off the plate. It’s just disappointing and not the way a taco was meant to be eaten. This is the perfect solution to all of our taco related problems.


No dirty dishes, no problem


Box of reese's peanut butter cereal cut out and pouring milk inside

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We can all agree that no one likes cleaning the dishes in the sink, so if you already know that you’re going to eat the whole box of cereal anyway, there really is no point in getting another bowl dirty. We bow to you, cereal master.


This kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero.


Little girl sitting on a longboard on the street

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We really love seeing the next generation being innovative like this. That kid will be going far in life, we are sure of it. Definitely going to grow up and make those jetpacks and flying machines we’re all waiting for.


This guy is already in 3020


Man cutting his hair in front of a mirror and a tv screen with a video recorder

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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to cut your own hair in the 21st century. Now, for some people who have directional/coordination issues, you might need to practice a few times to get the hang of it! But this is absolutely genius.