Tinder Is Hungry For Your Love
December 25, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Tinder, along with other similar dating apps, is desperate to convince you that you are in fact, not desperate.  They try to convince you that dating is incredibly fun, and that when one goes seriously wrong, it’s really a blessing, because that means you get to stay on the apps, and keep on dating new people.

Tinder even has a new publication that focuses on personal essays which encourage the idea that failed dates are youthful, exciting, and super cool.

Otherwise what would we talk about with our friends, right?  According to the publication, downloading Tinder is actually a milestone in adulthood, similar to having your first drink or popping your cherry.

Many other dating apps such as Bumble and Grindr also have online publications which serve their own benefit. These apps seem to feel as though they need to regain our trust, by embracing the fact that Tinder relationships generally don’t really go anywhere, and that’s totally fine.  They are trying to brand the app as a leisure activity during a specific phase of life.

It seems as though we are not the only one’s looking for love and attention.

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