Tips and Tricks to Get Yourself Working Out Consistently
March 4, 2023
Penelope Trent

Chances are, if you ever set a goal to work out more often at the start of a new year, you begin to falter in how often you go to the gym by the end of the month. For many reasons, consistently working out can be difficult if you’re just starting out. Luckily, there are lots of solutions that could potentially help make it easier to get up and get your workout routine started. They target your ability to build habits and explore creative solutions that can allow you to see improvements with small tweaks in your routine.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/ Luis Alvarez

One of the ways that you can drive motivation is by feeding off of another’s motivation. If you find it difficult to be regular, it can prove very useful to find another person that has had a steady workout routine for a few years. This way, when starting out presents its challenges, you can depend on someone who has been similarly demotivated in the past and overcome it. Alongside this, if your gym buddy has successfully achieved the goals they set for themselves, you may feel a sense of strong admiration for them. In this way, they can be a source of inspiration for you at the gym when you need one.

Another useful idea is to see what exactly makes it difficult to be consistent, and then focus on changing that part of the routine. If it is getting out of the house that feels hard, it can help to keep important items in the car so that you’re forced to sit inside it, making you realize you’re already a step closer to working out. If the problem is feeling tired near the time you’re supposed to work out, consider adding caffeine to your routine an hour before, so that you feel extra energized when the time comes.

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