Tips on Making Long Distance Relationships Work
December 5, 2022
Laura Lee

Being geographically separated from your partner can be a nightmare. It can be tricky to make long-distance relationships work as they come with their own set of unique issues. Couples often give up too soon without giving it a fair try, putting themselves and their partners in an emotionally vulnerable position. However, with a few steps, you can make each other feel at home even when miles apart.

Being there for your partner is essential. However, texting your partner all the time can be detrimental. Giving them and yourself space to do your own thing is sometimes better. Taking space does not mean shutting them out, as communication is vital. Setting up specific times to call or video call to share your days can turn into a healthy routine. One thing that can kill such relationships is the uncertainty of whether you’ll be meeting soon or not. So making plans for the next time you meet can give you something to look forward to. It can be anything ranging from a cute date or a vacation together. Watching films together using Netflix’s Party feature is a recreational activity you can do even when apart.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Henrik Sorensen

Celebrating small milestones can let your partner know you still care. Anything from first dates to anniversaries and even the little things should be celebrated through gestures of love. Sending small gifts or handwritten letters by post can be just the romantic gesture your partner is craving. The distance can make your mind jump to conclusions, and so to avoid that; you need to place some trust in your partner and allow them the same. Communicating your issues on call should be of utmost priority, as texting can be something your partner misinterprets. However, communication should not be a burden you have to carry for the sake of it. It is supposed to be a delightful experience for both partners, and you should try and keep it that way.

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