To My Best Friend
October 23, 2018
Alexandra Wade

To my dear best friend,

I don’t only think, but I know that you deserve the entire world. Somehow though, you fail to see that sometimes, and it hurts me. I want you to know, that from the bottom of my heart, I often ask myself what I did so right in life to have deserved you as a friend.

You taught me the meaning of soulmate, of soul sister, and I truly believe that we were both put here, on this planet, to be there for each other. You entered my life with a specific purpose, and you’ve completely changed my life around. Everyone that is lucky enough to know you feels the same way.

Everyone that knows you, you manage to make them a better person, and you do it without even trying or thinking about.  You light up the world around you, and people need you.

You’re there to us when we cry, to stand up the person we can’t stand up to ourselves, you’re there to always make us laugh even during the toughest of time, and you’ll always forgive us and love us unconditionally.

You believe in me, and in all of us when we don’t have the strength and confidence within ourselves to believe in ourselves.  You are so much stronger than you know, so much more intelligent and hilarious than you think. And so, so, incredibly beautiful, inside and out.

You deserve the world, my dear best friend.




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