Today, I Blocked You
November 14, 2018
Jade Kerr

Today, I blocked you. I blocked you on every possible platform. On Facebook, on Instagram, and from receiving texts and calls from you. You know why? Because I finally felt ready. I felt ready to once and for all, delete you.

To delete you, and all of your memories from my life. I felt ready to clear out my news feed from your unhealthy bacteria filling it up. I’m done seeing what you like and what you’re doing. I’m so over waiting for a comment or a like from you.

I’m no longer going to try to impress you and try to make you think that i’m great and doing great. Because you know what? You’re probably not even looking, you probably don’t even care where I am.

I’ve had enough. I’m not longer going to push for you to pay attention to me, because you’ve decided to give it to someone else that you think deserves it more. I blocked you because I want to be me again before you.

You made me dislike myself. I deserve to love myself again, and that’s why I blocked you. I want to be able to finally post things for me, instead of for you. Instead of trying to send you a message you’ll never see.

Perhaps me blocking you though is a message to you. But a final one. And it says that you can no longer reach me. You are now a stranger to me. You will never know what’s going on in my life. You can see my pictures, you can’t like them. You will never see me again.

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