Too Many Second Chances
August 20, 2021
Claire Miles

I am a believer in second chances. I do believe that we have to give people a chance to redeem themselves, a second chance to make a (better) first impression. I am also a believer in forgetting and forgiving, which are often key factors in granting someone with a second chance. And, as someone who talks the talk, I feel that I certainly have walked the walk as well. I gave a lot of people who have wronged me a second chance. And while it sometimes led to great results, in others, it seriously backfired.

One event from my experiences with all of this stands out from the others. It goes back to my time in college. This girl and I shared a class, and we connected. She was sweet and smart, and we had a great time together. Everything seemed to be running fine until I found out that she was telling other people intimate details and stories that I had shared with her in confidence. I felt so betrayed and embarrassed and couldn’t believe that she had done this to me. I trusted her, I thought we had a friendship, but I was probably wrong.

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I was ready to put this “friendship” to bed and move on with my life. But, just as I was about to do so, this girl apologized to me. She acknowledged her wrongdoing and even asked for a second chance in building a relationship with me. I followed my motto and decided to give her another chance. Then, however, she showed me her true colors once again. I found out that after all of that, this girl had gone around spreading lies and negative thoughts about me. She had once again apologized and promised to do better. I don’t know what it was – maybe the great times we had together – that made me forgive her and try to move on with her.

Unfortunately, she had done it again. At that moment, I made myself cut ties with her for once and for all. She had hurt me so much – betrayed my trust and our friendship, proved to me time and time again that she didn’t deserve the chances I gave her. One of the most important things in life is the people you surround yourself with. You have to trust the people that surround you and have them be people that lift you. Once you find out one of the people around you doesn’t fit this description, it is worth removing them from your circle. I shouldn’t have given this girl so many chances, as she showed me her character right from the start.

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