Too Real Truths About Being In A Relationship
July 6, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

There is truly nothing better than being with someone you love and care deeply for, and it’s completely normal to want to be loved back. But just like anything else in life, there is a lot of untold truths about being in a relationships, that applies even to those in the strongest of relationships. There’s no avoiding it.

For one, there’s no way that two people will always agree on everything, and sometimes closure just does not exist. Even after discussing your feelings, you still might only agree to disagree, and that’s perfectly fine. It does not mean your relationship is ruined, you are two different people with two different views.

It’s important to not take the social media hype so seriously. Everyone wants to project themselves at their very best on social media and wants to show off their dream relationship, it’s part of human nature. But we must keep in mind that these pictures we see are of a specific moment that the couple has chosen to share. You don’t get to see everything else that goes on behind the scenes.

There is no relationship that is completely perfect, and every couple will always argue. Someone in your life on a very regular basis is bound to have different opinions and emotions than you. As long as both of you know how to argue respectfully, then it will only strengthen your relationship.

What people most hate to admit, is that their relationship gets boring. It happens to all of us. Relationships go through several phases. That’s natural. It means that your relationship is in a healthy place. When you truly love your partner, you appreciate them no matter what.

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